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Former Arlington police officer sent to prison on fondling case after probation revoked

From: Ft Worth Star Telegram

By Dianna Hunt

December 28, 2011

Randall Kermit Godwin
FORT WORTH - A former Arlington police officer convicted more than eight years ago of fondling a 12-year-old boy at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor was sentenced Tuesday to four years in state prison for violating terms of his probation. 

Randall Kermit Godwin, 47, was ordered to prison by state District Judge Louis Sturns for failing to complete his court-ordered 240 hours of community service - which should have been completed in the first year of his probationary term. 

It was the second time that the Tarrant County district attorney's office had tried to revoke the probation for Godwin for failing to comply with terms of his probation. 

"Mr. Godwin went before a judge when he was initially placed on probation and indicated he understood that he had to satisfactorily complete all of the terms of his probation - not just some of them," Assistant District Attorney Lucas Allen said in a written statement. 

"While he has been on probation a long time, he has had problems before. The judge, taking everything as a whole, determined that revoking his probation was appropriate and agreed with the state that he should go to prison." 

Godwin, now a registered sex offender living in Euless and working at a local restaurant chain, was initially given 10 years' probation in the case after his attorney told jurors that he could "follow the rules and is worthy of some compassion."

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